Architecture & Interior Design Jobs

Matching architects and interior design professionals to exciting projects around the world.

Helping you design a new world

At Amida, we have a rich history of successfully executing Architecture & Interior Design recruitment assignments worldwide. Our team understands that embracing technologically advanced design and retrofitting existing building stock is crucial to achieving a more sustainable world. 

Over the years, we have established strong partnerships with global and locally focused design houses, architecture practices, and developers, allowing us to place top-tier Architects, Interior Designers, and Design Managers on the most innovative projects worldwide.

Thanks to our international presence in the UK, Singapore, and Australia, we have built an integrated network that enables us to swiftly and efficiently move scarce Architecture talent worldwide. Our team specializes in workplace, hospitality, retail, transport, technology, and marquee cultural buildings.

Whether you seek your next role within the Architecture and Design industry or want to build your team of Architects, our Architecture and Interior Design Specialists team is ready to assist you with your recruitment needs.